About us

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Our Story

Founded by Emirati body love and women’s empowerment coach, Aseya Nasib, in late 2018, we were created to provide women with a platform and safe space to learn to love ourselves better, create our best lives day by day, and find wonderful friends along the way.

We have since hosted panel talks, meditations, workshops, and social events all based around mental wellness, empowerment, and self-love. Our goal is to encourage women around the region to push their boundaries, live life out loud, and love themselves, unapologetically.

Why live an ‘OK’ life when you can live your most abundant, joyful, and empowered life? That’s what the Magic of Being is; it’s all about how you can build your magical life, with a sisterhood of strong, supportive women right alongside you.
— Aseya Nasib, Founder

About the Magic.

The Magic of being is a place where you discover yourself, push your boundaries, and grow, all along with sisterhood of strong, supportive women behind you.

First things first, as you explore our self-love hub website, you will find all manner of resources, from podcasts and videos to curated reading lists and recommendations, to articles that document our own stories and struggles with everything from body positivity to everyday wellness, the dating world to defining your own spirituality, from plant babies to fur babies and human babies, to the more mundane and every day, and all of the little things that really matter.

The website also includes our calendar, which features a host of our own empowering and exhilarating experiences, each designed to bring women and men in Dubai a holistic life experience based on the principles of radical self-love, self-acceptance, and self-celebration. We also share suggestions of our favorite motivating events happening around the city.

From guided meditations to expert talks, to budgeting workshops and cooking classes, and from book clubs to discussion panels, we want to encourage you to grow and push your boundaries in a safe, supportive environment surrounded by a tribe of like-minded people.

Keep an eye out for our online store, opening soon. The shop will house a carefully chosen selection of products and tools that will enhance, elevate, and upgrade your daily existence. Everything in it will be something we both love and feel will bring joy into your life.

The Magic of Being is a labor of love, resulting from our own personal stories of struggle and triumphs. From crippling injuries to battles with chronic major depression and body insecurities, we have been there, done that, and remain open, honest, authentic, and really keen to share our own experiences in a way that can help shine a light for the women around us. This is a space where we can all learn to love ourselves better, create our best lives day by day, and find wonderful friends along the way.


About Aseya


Aseya Nasib is a women’s body love and empowerment coach, mental wellness advocate, motivational speaker and firm believer in the transformative power of self-love and acceptance. Since overcoming her own life-long mental health struggles with clinical depression and anxiety, she has made it her goal to ensure mental wellness and self-love tools and resources are available and accessible to everyone. Aseya now operates two successful businesses, hosts a popular podcast, and finds time to do some plus size modeling on the side. She strongly believes that every person has the right to live their best lives and is passionate about helping people achieve that.
After a shattered ankle left her in a wheelchair for three months in 2018, Aseya delved deeper into her spiritual journey and now incorporates that into her day to day, with what she calls ‘intentional, aligned living’. She brings those practices to our monthly circles and workshops.