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 Your Self Love Hub


What we do.

We believe that you deserve to live your best, happiest, most fulfilled, most empowered, and most authentic life. We’re not experts, we’re just two women who got tired of feeling like there was more out there and decided to do something about it. And now we want to share everything we learned with you. From online resources to fun events and tools designed to inspire you, we aim to bring you a magical, holistic life experience based on the principles of radical self love, self acceptance, and self celebration.


How we do it.



January is the perfect time to clear out the clutter and create space for some amazing new things in your life. Read Dani’s post on clearing out all of the unnecessary clutter and letting go.

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Mapping Out Your Magic

Join us for a free magical planning session on Tuesday the 22nd of January. We will get to grips with our goals, reframe old beliefs and prioritize some actions to make 2019 a year to remember.

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sunset stroll

We’re starting the year off strong with our beloved Sunset Strolls. Come decompress, chat to old friends, make new ones, and get a little fresh air and some gentle movement in a supportive environment.


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