Who we are.

The Magic of Being is a holistic empowerment brand for women, born & raised right here in Dubai. We believe that life is magical, and so are you.

What we do.

Empower, elevate and unite women (and men). We are leading the conversation that promotes mental and physical wellness, self-love, self-care, body confidence and body positivity, as well as bridging the gap between the holistic wellness world and the everyday.

How we do it.

Through relatable, relevant and motivating online resources to fun and inspiring events and tools designed to inspire you, we aim to bring you a magical, empowered, all-embracing life experience based on the principles of unapologetic self-love, self-acceptance, and self-celebration. Always authentic and always real.


About the Magic.

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Tap into your intuition at a soul alignment workshop or chat with like-minded people in a fun, engaging environment at one of our monthly socials.



From our blog, to our podcast, we’ve got everything you need. Real life conversations and experiences from amazing souls doing amazing things.



Coming soon: a specially curated online boutique housing a collection of the trinkets and treasures chosen to bring joy and magic into your life.

If you want to have fun and laughter and poetry and music at the end of the revolution, you have to have fun and laughter and poetry on the way.
— Gloria Steinem




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